Is "virtually" running not quite enough? Perhaps it's time to do a "real" race with Real-Time Remote Racing™ by, the leader in Real-Time Race Tracking for road races and multi-sport events.

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Meticulously built, scalable, and engaging, this new feature of our platform offers some amazing capabilities. We are happy to report that many event organizers who were unable to do in-person events are now busy putting on races again using Real-Time Remote Racing! Participants can run in the safety of their own neighborhoods and race organizers don't even have to leave the house!

However, this technology is not just for the pandemic era. It can also be used in timing of "in-person" events or with a combination of in-person and remote participants. Since going live with this product, we've received nothing but incredibly positive feedback. Participants are loving the live experience. Timers and event organizers are telling us that this is a game changer!

Paradigm shifts do not come easy. That's why we have worked extra hard to make things as simple as possible for participants to adapt to this new way of racing. We did it by building user-friendly interfaces and by implementing features like Connect & Claim, aka magic links. Also, unlike virtual events, participants do not have to "submit" their results. We are receiving and processing everything in real-time. Participants are informed via audio cue that they have finished and results are available immediately.

As always, during the race, our world-class battle-tested live results platform is at work providing tracking, live results, leaderboards, maps, timing validations & live scoring, finisher badges, stats, dashboards & more. Hey, please do not try to cheat! Cheaters are likely to get flagged by our constantly evolving proprietary neural network GPS validation system (that we've affectionately named "Clever Girl!").

Be sure to check out the article in Running USA!

Real-Time Remote Racing brings the race day excitement to the participant wherever they are! What kind of event will you create? Contact us.

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About provides Real-Time Race Tracking® and other services for world class running and multi-sport events.

We are passionate and determined to build the best technology possible for the millions of participants, spectators, administrators and volunteers using RTRT around the globe.

Our unique platform was built from the ground up to meet the high-performance demands of the world's largest events. To date, has tracked 10,300,231 finishers in 2,155 events worldwide.


Current features include:
> Mobile App with Live Push Notifications
> Branded Timer, Event, or Event Series Mobile Apps
> Web Tracker & Leaderboard
> Real-Time Remote Racing™
> Selfie Frames
> Audio Messages
> Real-Time Scoring & Results Hosting
   NOTE: you can mix Remote Racing (GPS) & In-Person (RFID) in the same event!
> Twitter & Email Live Updates
> SMS Live Updates (USA Only)
> Interactive Multi-Course Map Creator with Live Map Tracking
> Team Sign-Up and Live Team Scoring
> Event Director Dash
> Timer Utilities such as Manual Timing & Announcer
> Big-Screen ‘Send a Cheer’ Campaigns
> Live Leaderboard & Scrolling Displays
> Volunteer/Staff Management System
> Medical Tracking
> Baggage Tracking
> Roster Management, Digital Passes, Expo Checkins, and other Reg Management utilities.
> Live Data Feeds via our Web & TCP API
..many other specialized/custom software campaigns for events—just ask!

How can I use

Participants & Spectators: If you are a Participant or Spectator of a particular event, please contact your event director or contact us to find out if services are available.

Hundreds of thousands of participants and spectators use every month. Perhaps you've seen our logo in a tracker, or maybe you've downloaded the Mobile App. Often, is working behind the scenes to power API's or rebranded experiences for event partners.

Event Directors & Timers: If you are an event administrator or timer who would like to know more about our features, please contact us.

For more information, please contact us.