RTRT.me Cheer Campaign & Display Board

Feature Overview

RTRT.me Cheer Campaign & Display Board is a great way to feature sponsor(s) or to make a big statement at your event. This add-on feature to the RTRT.me platform and tracking app allows events to create branded cheer campaigns which highlight event sponsor(s) and engage spectators and participants to send Cheers to event participants. Approved Cheers are displayed on large outdoor Display Boards and can be sent to participants via post race emails.


  • RTRT.me support team works with the event and/or sponsor to define the scope of the Cheer campaign
  • Cheer submission page and Cheer Display Board settings are updated in RTRT.me with Cheer campaign branding
  • Event roster is uploaded in RTRT.me
  • Cheer submission page is promoted and/or cheer feature is made available in the RTRT.me tracking app for the event
  • Event and/or sponsor personnel monitor Cheer submissions in the Cheer approval portal within the RTRT.me platform
  • On race day as participants cross timing points, approved Cheers are displayed on nearby Cheer Display Board(s)
  • Cheer display software is a specially designed full screen browser-based application that scales for large outdoor screens.
  • RTRT.me has developed an advanced algorithm to ensure the best chance of a participant seeing his or her approved cheer(s). See below diagram showing how cheers are activated on a Cheer board. 
  • After the race participants receive an email with all of their approved Cheers


  • Three types of Cheer Campaigns - “Canned” Cheers (see example) OR User Generated Image & Text Cheers (see example) OR custom cheer display
  • “Canned” Cheers - Branded participant lookup site and flagging participants (see example) to receive Canned Cheers.
  • Image & Text Cheers - Branded Cheer submission site (see example) with options for displaying sample Cheers
  • Custom cheer display - Custom cheer display widget for displaying a custom cheer message design and/or display area. Custom cheer message design and layout may be required when cheer messages are displayed in a specific area on the display board along with other event provided display content. Examples include the 2019 Shamrock Shuffle Nike post-race party merchandise tent (cheer message widget & cheer display) and the 2022 TCS London Marathon Finish Line Structure / Display Wall (cheer message widgetcheer display)
  • In-app Cheer Submission option (see example) for clients using RTRT.me tracking app (web or RTRT.me mobile app)
  • Mobile widget Cheer Submission option for clients using a 3rd party mobile app. See video of TCS Cheer submission in the 2021 TCS mobile app for the 2021 Chicago Marathon.
  • Kiosk mode available for designated Cheer submissions area at event Expo or Packet Pickup
  • Cheer Submission includes social media and mobile sharing options to extend the reach of the Cheer Campaign
  • Cheer approval tool with adjustable filters for inappropriate words or images
  • API integration for 3rd party Cheer Campaign providers. (See cheer setup and board example.)
  • Branded Cheer Display Board with the following customizable settings:
  • Branded background image with idle image overlay (when waiting for live Cheers)
  • Distance from timing mat to Cheer display and optimal viewing distance
  • Max time to display Cheers
  • Timing point selection
  • Cheer Display configuration grid (e.g. 1 row of 3 cheers, 2 rows of 2 cheers, etc.)
  • Cheer modes - TEST mode, “Canned” Cheers,  Image & Text Cheers and EXPO Screen.
  • EXPO Screen mode cycles through cheers while they are being submitted.
  • Cheer Display logic for multiple on-course Cheer Display Boards
  • Ability for two separately branded Cheer Campaigns on a single event (see example
  • Post event branded email to all participants with a link to individual participants’ full collection of approved Cheers. See video of cheer email tool for 2021 Chicago Marathon (TCS cheer campaign)
  • Centralized Roster - Using RTRT.me for Cheer Campaigns can save work for event administrators. RTRT.me has the most updated roster, leveraging a common database eliminates the need to maintain separate participant lists for Cheer Campaign Administrators.


  • Multi-faceted digital campaign with thousands of pre-race, race-day and post-race impressions for event sponsors
  • Spectators and participants LOVE creating Cheers - the 2016-2019 & 2020-2022 BofA Chicago Marathon Cheer campaigns averaged +50K submitted Cheers per event. The 2021 & 2022 Boston Marathon Cheer campaigns averaged +100K submitted Cheers per event. And the 2022 TCS London Marathon had +160K submitted Cheers.
  • Participants are EXCITED when they see their Cheers on the Cheer Display Board.
  • On course Cheer Display Board is a unique and energetic on-site activation for event sponsors. See videos from some past events - 2017 NYC Marathon, 2018 NYC & Chicago Marathons2019 San Francisco Marathon and 2022 TCS London Marathon
  • Real-time Cheer point timing data processing and Cheer display as runners cross Cheer points (see example)

For more information about the RTRT.me Cheer Campaign & Display Board, please contact us at https://rtrt.me/contact.