Real-Time Check-In Solutions

Feature Overview Real-Time Check-In is a robust communications and customizable workflow solution supporting the participant journey between event registration and the start line. Check-In streamlines your event's pre-race workflows, creating a seamless experience for your participants during check-ins, bib pick-ups, t-shirt swaps, waiver signing, and any other custom steps that your event may require.  Every activity is logged as part of the participant journey and is instantly made available for inquiries.  At the same time, RTRT produces a live dashboard with real-time stats showing how the overall process is coming along. 

RTRT 2-Step Registration Check-In at Houston Marathon makes your check-in process contactless, highly efficient and more flexible while providing new insights that can be used to perfect your workflow year-over-year.


  • QR code scanning or name/bib lookup supporting a multiple processes such as a 2-step check-in with front desk kiosks and load balanced counters, a one-step check-in and pick-up, or a one-step rapid scan for group pickups.

With the 2-step check-in process, scanning at the kiosk near the entrance gives time for volunteers to pull bibs, allowing bibs to be ready when participants arrive at the pick-up counter.  Packets can then be scanned out when handed to the participant to record the completion of the distribution process.

  • Works Online or Offline--don't let spotty wifi be a show stopper at your expo!  When used offline, the devices use local storage to continue logging all of your check-ins, bib pickups, roster edits, t-shirt tracking, etc and will sync back to when back online. 
  • Customizable email templates and editor for sending check-in emails with QR codes.  Send pre-race emails with final instructions for each classification of participants using our Smart Template logic.
  • View and modify runner info at the runner services kiosks and assign bib's dynamically or handle tag swaps with the built in bib scanning feature.
Profile Updates & Tag Swap

NOTE: Access levels for the tool can be set for check-in Staff and Admins, allowing specific fields to be viewed or edited, view history, and manage settings.

  • Custom workflows for specific participants (e.g. elites or charity runners, etc) can be routed to another kiosk where they can pick up additional items or swag.
  • Participants requiring special processing (e.g. missing waivers or other information) can be routed to a help desk kiosk.
  • T-shirt pickup kiosks and exchange tracking.
  • Self resend check-in email website widget (standalone URL or embeddable on your site).
  • Unique Mobile Ticket URLs and "Add to Apple Wallet" feature.

Real-Time Advantages

  • Check-in uses the same roster database for live tracking and results, eliminating the need to manage participant data in multiple places or synchronizing registration data across vendors.
  • Real-Time tracking of event participants through event check-in, participant services, packet (bib) distribution, t-shirt distribution and other pre-race custom workflows combined with RTRT's tracking and results features provides visibility of a more complete history of activity throughout the event lifecycle.

HOW can I use this feature?

  • Work with your RTRT provider to establish event needs and for a pricing quote
  • Configure and enable the corresponding Check-in tools
  • Upload the event roster into
  • Build check-in email template(s) and setup participant registration confirmation tools as needed.
  • Send check-in emails (with QR codes) to participants, recommendation is to just a few days before the expo or pickup dates.
  • Participants show reg confirm emails or mobile tickets with QR codes to check-in at the event expo and/or bib pickup area for contactless service.
  • We recommend using this feature in conjunction with our Real-Time Slot Selector Utility.

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