Real-Time Command Center with Heatmap

Feature Overview

The Real-Time Command Center gives event directors, course staff, and security & safety admins a high-level view of the event traffic flow.


  • RTRT uses all split data and each participant's estimates to calculate the position of every participant on the course every minute.
  • We then use this data to generate charts and to make a live heatmap.  
  • Charts and heatmaps will update live during the race.


  • PAUSE, REWIND, FAST FORWARD and use the SLIDER to review the heatmap and charts at different stages of the race.
  • Click LIVE to jump to the current time.  

NOTE: After the race, or when there is a long gap in timing, LIVE will say LATEST instead.

  • SHIFT-CLICK and Drag to draw a box around a particular area to see a count of participants within the bounds.
  • CYCLE:  This option displays a 'weather map' style animation of the last 15 minutes.  This is the default mode during the race and will continually update to the most recent 15 minutes.
  • Post race, the event will play through from the beginning upon visiting the Command Center.

How can I use this feature?

  • When this feature is enabled, the "Command Center URL"  link will appear in the  Promo/Kit.
  • Please contact your RTRT Account Manager for more information on how to activate this feature.