Real-Time Fundraising

Feature Overview Real-Time Fundraising is ready to elevate your event's fundraising power. Events can now incorporate fundraising directly into the app, allowing participants and spectators to donate without getting redirected to other sites. Check out the video below to see both the Participant and Spectator User experiences.

RTRT Fundraising Demo

More engaging than traditional campaigns, our fundraising works in harmony with RTRT's world-class timing and tracking. Thoughtfully developed with an attractive, easy--to-use interface, the Fundraising feature is simple to set up for admins and streamlined for end users. Participants can quickly join a cause, tell their fundraising story, and share tracking along with their fundraising campaign together right from their race profile in the tracker.  Race Spectators are encouraged to become contributors before, during and even after the race based on the schedule configured by the event admins.  With a few taps, visitors can send funds and leave an inspirational message.  Funds flow directly to the cause, immediately helping the organizations you have selected.


  • Customizable Donation goals and trackers
  • Choose which Fundraising Causes you wish to support, or add your own Causes
  • Engaging Fundraising interface to inspire your audience
  • Shareable links give fundraisers and contributors the ability to bring in others throughout the donation cycle

Real-Time Advantages

  • One platform for Event Tracking, Scoring, Fundraising, Communication and Marketing
  • Simple set up and easy to use interfaces 
  • Real-Time stats to immediately see how your campaign is doing
  • Low donation fees and fast payout via Stripe

HOW can I use this feature?

  • Work with your RTRT provider to establish event needs and for a pricing quote
  • Configure the corresponding Fundraiser settings and Causes.
  • Enable the feature in the app for the public to begin viewing and donating.

For more information about the Real-Time Fundraising solutions, please contact us at