RTRT.me Real-Time Remote Racing™ User Guide


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Download the free mobile App Here! Real-Time Remote Racing™ uses your phone's GPS to track your race. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be chasing the pack or tracking your friends anywhere, in Real-Time!

For Participants

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Getting Started

Step 1: Download the App to your mobile device and find your race.

Step 2: Sign Up in the app to complete the Claim.

Step 3: Search and Select your name, Claim your profile in the app.

You can See here to watch a video on how the Claim Process works.

Step 4: Enable Location Services (GPS) and Activity / Motion when prompted. 

Step 5: You can use PRACTICE RACE before the official race start time or START RACE after the official race start and you are ready to run; you will see a countdown begin. 
Step 6: Let’s Go! The activity will automatically stop and upload once you complete the distance of the race.
NOTE: If you were not ready to START, no problem. You can reset by selecting the STOP LEAVE RACE button. 
RTRT.me on Apple iOS
RTRT.me on Google Play Store

For Spectators

Step 1: Search for your favorite athletes and add them to your Tracker.

Step 2: Share a link to your tracked athlete or Follow their progress with notification options if available.

Step 3: Once your tracked athlete hits START RACE, you will receive a notification on your device.

Step 4: Track the athlete's progress along the Official Event map or Toggle to Their Map to see their real world location.

Step 5: Follow their current pace, distance covered and estimated time of arrival, all in Real-Time!

See it in Action

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Check out our Troubleshooting Tips and FAQ’s HERE 


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Updated 06.24.2020