Real-Time Remote Racing FAQs

Updated 03.04.2021


If you already registered for an event, please wait until you receive a special Connect & Claim email that looks like this:

 See this 'What to Expect' video clip 

we used one email address for multiple people - now what?#we-used-one-email-address-for-multiple-people--now-what

Don't worry, there is still a way for each person to claim their profile even if the same email is used during registration.  Each runner can download the app and search for their own profile by name.  When prompted, they can then claim their profile, but in the step to VERIFY the claim, please enter the email that was used to register your profile.  e.g. if Mom registered everyone, enter Mom's email to complete the user account claim.

Why Can't i find the app icon?

Once the app is installed different operating systems may catalog apps to various spaces and folders - you can use the search function on your phone to locate where the phone placed the app icon.

Apologies, as developers we do not have control over where the icon is placed on your device, the operating system will often load them as the last available icons until the user re-arranges the placement to their own preference.

YOU Received an error message when you tried to claim profile?

"Sorry, the email you entered does not match the participant's registration email."

The email with which you registered for the event must match the email you use to create your account and claim your profile. If you received the above error message, please check your email address. If the address is correct, there may have been a typo in the email during your registration, causing your email to be invalid. In this case, please contact the help desk to correct your registration information. You can use the Info Button, then select Need Help in the app to do this.

On race day

  1. Plan to Carry Your Phone: Participants must carry their phone during their event. 
  2. Open the application: 
  3. Once your profile is selected, click “START RACE” button
  4. YOUR PHONE IS YOUR TIMING "CHIP"!  Leave the app running in the background - Do not close it out completely on your phone (do not swipe-kill the app)

I WANT To RUN INSIDE, is that alright?

Sorry, tracking is for outdoor activities only.   The app uses GPS to measure your progress, so you need to be moving (not stationary like on a treadmill) and have a relatively clear view of the sky.


Add participants to your participants list using the Search feature.  See this video clip.

will my battery last? What are some Battery TIps?#will-my-battery-lastwhat-are-some-battery-tips

  • Close any unnecessary apps while doing your Remote Race with 
  • Make sure to charge your battery 100% before race day and it should last the whole race---even if you are doing a marathon distance.
  • Keep the phone "asleep" as much as possible.  Most battery drain happens while using the screen.
  • If your phone is on the older side, and the battery isn't the best, consider bringing a small portable battery.  Search Amazon for 'mini powerbank' for some ideas.
  • NOTE: Do NOT disable WIFI since WIFI signals improve tracking even when not connected to any network.

As long as the app is running in the background, the GPS will continue to track even if the phone is not connected to the internet.  After the connection is restored, your route data will sync and the activity should be applied to your profile.  If for some reason your GPS stops working or your battery didn't last, there will be alternative options for you to provide proof of your completion.

Can I pause my race and finish running later?

 Remote Racing works like an in-person race - time is accumulated even if you stop for a potty break, etc. The app will allow you to quit the race and (depending on the event's preference) you may try the race again at another time.


If you do not press the "START" button, your race tracking will not begin.   You must press START RACE and listen for the announcement which says 'Your race has started'.

IPhone - What settings do I need?#

  1. Your phone's location services must be enabled, follow these steps
    1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
    2. Make sure that Location Services is on.
    3. Scroll down to find the app: 
    4. Tap the app and select an option:  (example here)
      1. Choose "While Using the App"
      2. Enable "Motion & Fitness"
      3. Enable "Precise location" (iOS 14+)  
To improve accuracy: 

a) Leave WIFI and Bluetooth ON during your activity.

b) Make sure your phone is not running in "Low Power Mode" (you'll see a yellow battery light when this is happening). You can specifically disable it Settings->Battery: (example here) 

c)  Make sure your permissions are setup as follows. Go to Settings, scroll down to the app: and compare the settings to this screenshot. Specifically, make sure to enable Location (While Using) and Motion and Fitness. (example here)  For iOS 14+, "Precise location" must be enabled too.

Android - What settings do I need?#gps-issues--android

When Battery Optimization is enabled, Android may restrict Location services and your GPS tracking information may be lost.  For tracking to work properly on Android, you should disable any battery optimization settings including Power Saving Mode, Battery Management, Optimization or any third-party battery saver apps.  

First, please check that your location settings are set to High accuracy in Settings > Connections > Location > Locating method > High accuracy.

Then, please follow these tips for your specific device:

Samsung: Settings > Apps > choose the menu in the upper right-hand  > Special access > Optimize battery usage > All apps > Toggle OFF for   Also check Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power mode.   Make sure this setting is either "Optimized" or "High Performance".   (example here) 

NOTE: If you are using Medium or Maximum power savings, the app will not track while the screen is turned off.

LG: Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > turn ON for

Motorola: Settings > Battery > choose the menu in the upper right > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All Apps > > Don't Optimize.

HTC: Settings > Power > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All apps > > Don't optimize > Done.

Sony: Settings > Battery > choose the menu in the upper right > Battery optimization > Apps >

Huawei:  (See this animation)

  1. Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Lite, Huawei Mate 10
    Phone settings > Battery > App launch and then set app to "Manage manually" and make sure everything is turned on.
  2. Turn Energy Settings to Normal and add to "Protected Apps."
  3. Settings > Apps > Advanced > Ignore optimizations > Allowed > All apps > > Allow.
  4. Huawei P9 Plus: Phone settings > Apps > Settings > Special access > Ignore battery optimization > select allow for

Xiaomi (MIUI OS)

  1. Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & performance > Manage apps battery usage > apps >
  2. Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > ensure you are using High Accuracy for Location Mode and allowing location access.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some Androids may still experience issues due to manufacturer defects even when all settings are correct. The following article lists devices that are known to be problematic:

How can I test tracking?

Practice mode allows you to try out the tracking in the application prior to race day. You can "PRACTICE RACE"  anytime after you've claimed your profile up until the night before race day.

PLEASE NOTE: Others cannot track you while in Practice mode.

i'm practicing with the app, but not receiving any push messages

In practice-mode, you will receive audio notifications that you have started, reached mileage markers, and finished, but you will not receive push notifications of your progress.  

I opened the app on race day, and there is a countdown clock, but I cannot start

On race day, you will see a countdown timer indicating how many days-hours-min until the race begins. Once the race begins, you will see a green start button and you can press START RACE.

I ran with my friend AND one of us hAD to go FARTHER.  WHY?#iran-with-my-friend-why-did-i-have-to-go-further-than-my-friend

Location Services on your phone (or on any GPS tracker) are accurate only to a certain degree, somewhere around 5 meters at best for each "ping" that we receive.   When two or more participants (or devices) race side-by-side, variations will exist between the routes plotted and the distances travelled.  Even if you stay close by your friend for the entire route,  each of you can end up with slightly different progress towards the end. 

For Example: If your GPS is more accurate than your friend's, you might have to go another 100 meters in order to get enough distance calculated to finish since your friend's GPS may have given a slight bonus due to "wiggles" on the route calculations. The longer the route, the greater the variation that may be possible.

can i Use an outdoor Track to run the distance?

Depending on the accuracy of your mobile’s GPS you may be able to use a 400 meter outdoor track to complete the distance, however, you do not expect the track and the GPS distance to match exactly.  We recommend giving it a try using the practice feature ahead of time to make sure that your device is working properly with the app. Check out our FAQs about GPS accuracy and optimizing settings to give you the best chance of success.

can i run in a circle around my house or in my backyard?

Sorry, GPS is generally not accurate enough to calculate progress while running in smaller circle, going back-and-forth on a short strip, or when making many turns in an area smaller than an 400 meter track.  The app tracking is optimized for road or trail running.

I ran a measured route but distance Is different from the GPS?#i-ran-a-measured-route-but-distance-is-different-from-the-gps

Even if you have a fantastic phone GPS, the accuracy of GPS is only accurate to around +/- 5 meters. e.g. If you are running laps on a track the GPS is not going to measure exactly on each loop due to the +/- variance.

I HAD tracking issues after starting my race- What should I do?#

Please help us diagnose the issue with your tracking by sending a "debug report" for analysis:

  1. Within the app, navigate to your Account page by clicking your profile photo.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your profile page, click on "Send Debug Report"

How do i import an activity from strava?#strava-shows-my-results-as-faster-than-has-been-reported-in-the-app-why-is-it-different

In your Account Settings you can select Connect with STRAVA under the Import Activity section, then follow the onscreen prompts. See Here.

Strava shows my results as faster than has been reported in the app. why is it different?#strava-shows-my-results-as-faster-than-has-been-reported-in-the-app-why-is-it-different

Strava activities usually emphasize 'Moving' time instead of Elapsed time.  See here.  We import the raw route data and our timing is calculated based on the total elapsed time it takes to complete the course distance just like in an actual event.

I connected the wrong strava user account. how do I unlink the account and try again? #i-connected-the-wrong-strava-user-account-how-do-i-unlink-the-account-and-try-again

You can unlink your Strava account via the Account Edit Profile screen.  See here.

i closed the app when my watch said i hit my distance. why is my time different?

The GPS accuracy of different devices is broad. If you closed out the app before your distance was complete then the app used your current pace and remaining distance to calculate an accurate Finish Time for you. Keep in mind that the Finish Time is only calculated for those who 'kill' the app very close to the finish distance. The allowable distance for calculating from finish may vary from ~100m to ~ 50m based on Race Director preference.

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