Interactive Kiosk Setup Help

interactive Kiosk client tool

The Interactive Kiosk can be found in the app or web tracker under Info -> Admin Tools.  

NOTE:  You must be signed in with an account having at least Event Monitoring access to use the Interactive Kiosks Tool.  Contact us for account assistance if you do not see the tool.


Device Mode: Choose the mode based on single device or multiple device configuration.

  • Single Device -  This configuration allows you to use the mobile app and a single device such as tablet for the lookup (scan) and displaying of the board.  Casting or mirroring can be used to share the kiosk's screen to a larger display.  Another example of when to use this configuration is a laptop or chromebook connected to a TV. 
  • Kiosk (Lookup) - Use this mode when you wish to use a dedicated device for lookup and a different device to receive and display the participant selected.
  • Board (Screen): Device will display boards sent to its Board ID by Kiosks that have selected it as the "Send to" destination.

NOTE:  Handheld QR or Barcode readers can be attached and used for the Kiosk scan. 

Board To Display: Choose an option for which board to display. Select a specific board or pick one of the three following special modes:

  • Auto (By Race) - Pick based on the 'race' field of the participant's and as configured in the board editor.
  • Pick on Scan - Prompts user after scan to select from the list of available boards.
  • Random - Pick randomly from the list of available boards.
  • [BOARD NAME X] - Select this particular board to always be displayed.

For more information about the Interactive Kiosk feature, see this post.