Event Access Change Policy

Version: 1.0  - April 1st 2023

From time to time, events may undergo organizational changes.  When events are hosted in the RTRT.me platform, RTRT.me must be prepared to handle any changes or transfers that are needed.

In general, our policy presumes that Event Owners have control over what happens with the event roster and timing data hosted in the RTRT platform.  Ultimately, the event's presiding administrators shall determine who has access to control.

Changes of ownership and service providers is rare, but it can happen.  We have outlined our policy for handling each situation below.

The types of changes covered under this policy are as follows:

  • Changes of event staff
  • Changes of event ownership
  • Changes of event's timing company

NOTE: Not all situations may be covered under this policy.  If you are aware of a potential situation which we have not described below, please contact us before signing your agreement.

changes IN event staff

The main account holder (signer of the Agreement) has the responsibility to inform us about staff changes or whenever account access needs to be changed or disabled. When necessary, your RTRT Account Manager can assist with the following steps:

  1. Determine who currently has access to the event in question
  2. Present the list of current users and their permissions to the requestor.
  3. Based on new requirements, add or remove access as requested.

The account used to accept the Agreement is responsible for all activities that occur for your account and any sub-accounts of your account, regardless of whether the activities are undertaken by you, your employees or a third party (including your contractors or agents).   This is covered in Use of the Services - Your Account (usually Section 3.2 of your Customer Agreement).

changes of event owner

When an event ownership is transferred from one owner to another, all accounts with access must be evaluated. This involves the following steps:

  1. Evaluate the terms of any agreement established with the new event owners. This agreement may either be direct (for Fully Managed) or through a Timer relationship (when Self Managed).
  2. Determine who currently has access to the event being transferred.
  3. Present the list of current users and their permissions to the new owners.
  4. Based on new owners requirements, add or remove access as requested.

changes of event's timing company

There are two cases for how to handle a change of timing company for an event.

  • CASE 1: RTRT's customer agreement is directly with the event.

If the RTRT Agreement is directly with the event, see "CHANGES OF EVENT STAFF" above.

  • CASE 2: RTRT's customer agreement is with the Timer who previously managed the event.

If the agreement for an event in RTRT was with a Self-Managed Timer in RTRT, the following steps will be taken.

  1. RTRT will attempt to determine the wishes of the event owners and may establish a new serviceable agreement with the event or the event's new timing vendor.
  2. If the new timer will be responsible only for future results, access to the prior events timed by the original timer will not be granted.  
  3. If the event requests in writing that new timer is responsible for the managing the past result sets, we will be required to give the new timer access to the past events.
  4. If the event requests in writing that prior timer should retain access to the past result sets, we maintain the access as requested.  If not, the prior timer's access to the events will be revoked.
  5. If after 30 days RTRT does not have a serviceable relationship with the event and if we have not received a request from the event to retain access, all external access to the event will be revoked.

NOTE: If the prior timer has contractual evidence that they have permanent rights to the event data or results outside the authority the event please contact us as soon as possible after learning about the change and provide us with documentation to support this claim.


What if no new agreement can be established with an event after a change?

If after 30 days there is no serviceable relationship with the owners of an event hosted in RTRT, all external accounts with access will have permissions to the event revoked. Permissions may be re-established once a new relationship has been formed.

What happens to hosted events in RTRT after an agreement term has ended?

Generally, the long term hosting of the results isn't something we guarantee.   Most agreements state that we may delete the 30 days after the event is over unless there are other arrangements. See Section 5.

"Your Content will be retained in RTRT.me for 30 days after each Event. After 30 days, we may, but are not obligated to, delete Your Content associated with the Event or some portion thereof from our system unless long-term data hosting services are arranged outside of this Agreement."

NOTE: We say that we 'may' because it is not our normal practice to completely wipe past events unless requested to by the event owners.  Since data wipes can be disruptive to end users, we leave the decision up to the controlling customer. We provide options in our console to perform cleanup tasks as needed. 

We have no current plans to purge older event data, but there may come a time when reducing how much data we are storing becomes necessary.  If you need a longer term guarantee that your data will remain hosted, please contact us.