RTRT.me - Real Time Race Tracking

Real-Time Race Tracking for World-Class Events

RTRT.me - Setup Requirements

What is needed from you...

Prior to Race:

  1. Event name, date, and estimated number of participants.
  2. Event logo image hi-res. Please create .png or .jpg image with short edge of at least 1200px. We need a hi-res image to make your logo look sharp on new Apple Retina devices. Ideally, your logo image should be mostly 'square-ish'. Resizing will happen automatically as needed, but aspect ratio of image will be maintained. Image should have either a white or transparent background.
  3. Maps for each course, ideally as KML or other importable format.
  4. A roster file with your participants info. This doesn't need to be a complete list at first, but we need this early on so that we customize how we import your roster format. We are flexible on the format, but we prefer a csv or tab delimited file in UTF-8 charset.

    We can accept roster file updates until race day, and even during the event if necessary.

    Typical fields include:

    reg_id, bib, tag, fname, lname, sex, city, postalcode, dob, age, state, country, race, division, est_fin_time

    The “tag" is the RFID code, and “bib" is what people wear and what can be seen. Both ‘tag' and ‘bib' are only required if they are not the same. With most systems, these are the same value and we only need one or the other.

    The "reg_id" should be an internal unique identifier that associates the record with the registrant (such as a registration id) and cannot change for this participant even if other details change such as race, tag, etc. If you do not have or cannot maintain a unique/reg ID throughout the entire process, please let us know and we can enable alternative methods for matching.

    The "est_fin_time" is the estimated finish time if you have it, or if you only have estimated pace, you can include this as "est_pace". Both of these are optional, but are helpful especially for the map tracking feature.

    See Profile Fields for more information.

  5. A list of courses, point names, 'aliases' (controller point names), and exact distances (if not obvious). For example:
    START [STARTA,STARTB] (shared marathon, half and 5k)
    5K [5KA,5KB) (shared full and half)
    10K [10KA] (shared full and half)
    10M [10MA,10MB] (half only - can use for course change detection)
    HALF [HALFA,HALFB] (full only, 13.1 Miles)
    20M [20M] (full only )
    FINISH [FIN01] (finish for full and half )
    FINISH [FIN02] (finish for 5k)
  6. Classifications / waves of participants ('elite', 'wheel', 'open', etc.) and expected start times for each (in local event time). The roster should also have a field which allows us to parse out who is part of these classes.
  7. Any special circumstances such as reusing of points/controllers, multiple starts, forcing guntimes on elites, allow course changing, lapping, etc.

Race Day:

  1. Final roster updates and setup changes if any.
  2. Establish contact with coordinator/timer at event location.
  3. Controllers for all points to be tracked must be connected to servers and transmitting data.
  4. Verification of Gun times.
  5. During race, DQ/removals, changes or additions are possible. We can enable you to manage these changes via a web console, or you can contact us (skype or phone) and we can make the corrections on the fly.