RTRT.me - Real Time Race Tracking

Real-Time Race Tracking for World-Class Events

RTRT.me - Feature Guides

Here are a few guides to assist with using some of the RTRT.me Features

Ad Spots

Ad Spots give you the ability to feature your products or campaigns within the RTRT.me app. Ad Spots appear in different sections of the app and rotate on an interval (or manually). Spots in the app are carefully placed to be effective without being annoying or obtrusive to the user experience. See our Ad Spots Specification for more details.


Event Messages can be sent as broadcasts to participants and spectators using the RTRT.me app. The messages will appear in the app under the 'Messages' navigation, and can optionally be delivered as Push messages to smartphones. See our Event Messages Specification for more details.

Social Notifications

Social Notifications are Real-time Facebook / Twitter auto-posting as progress is made on the course. Participants and spectators may sign-up to have notifications posted to their Facebook or Twitter feed. Post happen live, within seconds of crossing designated checkpoints. See our Social Notifications Specification for more details.